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From our extensive experience in surveying Small Bore Tubing Systems, analysis of our statistics identifies that around 25% of SBT connections are incorrectly installed. This key integrity measure is a result of our inspection and analysis of over 200,000 SBT connections.


The industry regulator has recently renewed its focus on SBT System and in particular their contribution to Hydrocarbon Release. We directly employ highly skilled and experienced SBT Technicians to undertake these surveys on behalf of our clients. All of our SBT technicians are qualified to work in both onshore and offshore plants and their skills have been developed to provide them with a specialist knowledge that is required when undertaking SBT survey work.


To provide our SBT Technicians with state of the art technological innovations AFS has developed traxISTM, a unique hand held mobile computer and secure web based data management solution. Designed specifically for SBT System Management traxISTM incorporates our unique software solution, which has been installed on a Zone Zero Rated handheld mobile computer and as such, is safe for use in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

traxISTM can be used in both standalone and web interfaced modes. There are no complex interface requirements and for example, when in web based mode traxISTM is simply plugged into and Internet connection allowing survey data to be quickly uploaded and downloaded to and from our secure web portal. Clients are therefore able to access their data 24/7 without the delays experienced when using paper based systems.

The reporting capabilities of traxISTM are used to analyse the survey data allowing early identification of issues that, if not attended to, could ultimately lead to unforeseen failure with a resulting safety incident or loss of production. The data resulting from our integrity surveys is also used to develop resource requirements, bills of materials and remedial work scopes. Improvement plans are also produced against which progress can be monitored, providing evidence to asset owners and regulatory authorities that SBT Systems are being effectively managed.

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